Video of the Halloween horrors

Carolyn, Lisa and the Pumpkin Patch

Quail Creek Fawns

There are three fawns in this video, narrated by Chickie and Roobert. The solo baby is seen nursing at the beginning, while the twins appeared as if on schedule an hour or so later with Mom and Auntie.

Gary's Oregon Adventure, Part 2

It's hard to top the helicopter ride, but we're trying to keep Gary interested.

We went bowling. For me, it was the first time. We bowled two games. Gary one the first, and Kris destroyed us all in the second game with a lifetime best. You'll notice I didn't win either game. Enough said.

Gary's Oregon Adventure, Part 1

Gary has been in Oregon for two days.

Vicki's great adventure in Oregon

I'm sure that when you live on Kauai you miss beautiful scenery.

Fortunately one such Kauaian (my sister, Vicki) can come to Quail Creek Farm once a year.

Ben's Senior Vocal Recital

Kris's cousin Ben is graduating from high school in The Dalles today.

He's salutatorian, which is pretty impressive, but not as impressive as his vocal chops.

BBB (definitely NOT the Better Business Bureau)

I have wanted a barn since we moved here almost five years ago. I finally have my wish, although the company that built it has made it a bittersweet experience.

The evolution of Quail Creek Farm

Do you remember "Ol' Yeller," the house we bought in 2004?

We have tried to forget, but the memory (and the errant paint job) stubbornly remains.

We thought we had improved the place by the time I took the photo below:

Better, yes, but not good enough.

So here's how the place looks now:

But stay tuned. More big changes are in the works ...

WWII bomber over Quail Creek Farm

This bomber has been flying over us all weekend. I never have my camera when it does. So this time I had my camera at the ready, but angled away to the south and nearly disappeared. Suddenly, it made a U turn and flew directly overhead at low altitude. The pilot must have seen my shoulders slump when I missed him.

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