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Kris and Ken on ferry

Kris and Ken Bilderback live in Laurelwood, a small community at the base of Bald Peak in the Coast Range of Oregon. They reside on a little acre they lovingly call Quail Creek Farm that gently slopes along the hillside toward the valley floor. The name Quail Creek Farm is derived from a covey of quail Ken encountered on his first trip in 2004 to view our homestead and the seasonal creek that meanders along the northwest perimeter of the property.

Ken worked for many years in the field of journalism and spent the last 24 years of his career at The Columbian in Vancouver, Washington. During his tenure, Ken was the news editor, newsroom technology coordinator and manager of the New Media Group. In 1994, Ken orchestrated the launch of columbian.com, one of only seven newspaper websites in the country at that time. In 2004, Ken retired and moved with Kris to Quail Creek Farm where he is raising pet chickens, growing an organic garden and continuing online pursuits. Kris has been the executive assistant to the president at Pacific University for 10 years. Prior to Pacific, Kris was employed at Bastyr University and the University of Washington.

Kris and Ken share their home with cats, roosters, hens and whatever else might wander on to the property. Visitors include deer, hummingbirds, finches, pheasants, raccoons, coyotes, a cougar (once) and lots of family.

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